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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Trafficked Slaves In America

Look around you and you will see women who are being trafficked as slaves in America. There are numerous forms of human trafficking. Here is an inspiring tale of what a person can do with natural talents, hard work, a strong education and good fortune in the form of a caring family.

Do you find that hypocrite "Christian" people are always harassing, coercing, influencing, demanding, threatening, using whispers, murmurs, and hissing, to "Baptize" you for the sole purpose of placing a notch under their belt because you are a Jew?

Do you suspect that your community is matching you up to sex offending predators?

Do you suspect that you are being used by the people in your community to appease the appetite of bonafide sex offenders so that they won't molest other children?

Are you being cornered by controlling persons with no where to turn who murmur, whisper, and hiss convoluted stories that are meant to threaten or refer to you?

Does the community use you as an unpaid, unwilling, neighborhood watch or else they threaten by convoluted whispers, murmurs, and hissing to report you to the Department of Motor Vehicles as "involved in an accident" so that you lose points affecting your driving privileges?

Are you having to compromise your values so that you can be "politically correct?"

Do you live in the most degrading forms of existence so that you have to beg and grovel a man for "favors"?

Do men make you grovel and beg for sex like they are doing you a favor?

Is the constant threat of harm always a reminder because no one gives you a break?

Is the constant threat of harm a part of your daily life while you struggle to be a part of society?

Is your local code enforcement officer(s) constantly targeting you for malicious prosecutions in order to force you to suffer unbearable physical and psychological pain?

Does your community notice you drinking coffee while having to walk the street then close their public restrooms because they don't want you "squatting" in their store?

Do these inconveniences make you walk back and forth on the street while men hooler and hollar out their car windows?

Do you know anyone who is under constant peer pressure to "marry?" (i.e. a safeguard for protection against discrimination, monetary support, false deception of security)

Cattle managers who are constantly harassing you to marry their strong ranch hand(s)?

Do you notice parents who want to marry off their daughters to evade having to support them through school, (i.e. While trying to get on their feet while searching, landing, or keeping employment. While waiting to find the love of their life.)

Do you find yourself constantly reminiscing about the lively, vivacious girl you once were?

Have you become a lonely woman weeping for love you'll never feel?

Or, the love you'll never be able to give?

Are you so limited to the abilities and gifts that you were meant to become that you mourn your misfortune?

Are you living in prehistoric circumstances? Are you a woman ahead of your times?

Have you been condemned to a life of drudgery and dispair?

Are you constantly tormented and threatened with psycho babble? (i.e. Your every word is used against you to control and/or commit you to a sanitorium or mental institution) Your every move becomes a target of observation and excessive medication can be used to zoombianize you.

Example: Twice while making a relevant simple statement in open court, I was placed under extreme duress and coerced and forced to "seek mental health therapy". Once you are in this system, it is worse than being slandered as a horrific criminal.

Are you constantly referred to in a derogatory sense, being called "Dike!" etc so that the community can render you disabled and seduce you with their "procreation" techniques?

Are people in the United States always trying to deny you of your Jewish heritage?

Do you feel that your closed town community is out to lynch you or use you as a human battering instrument so that you'll have to submit to the whims of strange men?

Please send your testimonies to me at

For more information on the substance and abuse of human trafficking by the U.S. Government, check out my website at

Monday, March 16, 2009

How To NOT Become A Lorena Bobbit

Tools To Help Prevent You From Becoming A Lorena Bobbitt.
The Trials of Lorena Bobbitt. But as in those "male celebrity rapes woman" cases, the uproar has not been about the abuse endured by Lorena Bobbitt; it has been about her poor husband’s ...

Prison Prep 101: Train by starting early. Allow your daughter to roam around at night. This will help prepare her for when she is released from prison. If she has no help, she may find herself hitch hiking on the side of the road in a desperate attempt to reach her destination, her parole officer. Running around at night will also help her prepare for the dangers that lurk in the dark.
Make sure she is around a lot of "men" who:

  • use the "F" word in every other sentence to show off.
  • spit tobacco, blow snot out of their nose, hack up luggy, and constantly call gentlemen faggots.
  • use verbal control mechanisms to control her actions so that she will have be submissive; And, to reduce her self-esteem so that she will be helpless and have to depend on men. This will also help when men give her orders.

Other tips to help you cope as a woman criminalized for anything other than drugs:

  • Prepare to travel in the winter. Hostile takeover occurs in the form of retaliation. If you get prosecuted for defending yourself, the judicial system can run you around during the winter. This is because you are vulnerable and easy prey. While homeless, you may have to commute 20 times within a 100 mile distance to get to court regardless of the hap-hazard weather. It is usually during the summer they finally snag your life without notice.
    Debts among men can be paid to one another if one man tells where a vulnerable woman is located for sex.
  • Women also can reveal your location for drugs...

Hopefully, these tips will help calcify your daughter to the rest of the world when no one pays attention to her while she is being raped by the filth and lucre of the world.

Probably the worse thing that can happen is to be raised by an extremely independent woman because as a woman you believe you are in charge of your life. When you find out its all about being a man's world, it can be devastating.

Good luck little ones. Hate to see you go. Our justice system is changing and no one is doing anything about it so be prepared when it's your turn.